You let me in, closed the door,
Weighed me up and lay me on your floor.
Now I can’t speak, for the ones before,
But I’ll be here, forever more.

‘Cause my love could turn it all around,
Or together, we will go down.

Some you’ll win, and some you’ll lose,
Soon enough we’ll all be yesterday’s news.
But tomorrow’s yours, it’s whatever you choose.
Enough to make a man want to sing the blues.

I’m gonna pick up all the pieces,
And show you what my love can do.
I’m gonna pick up all the pieces,
When it all falls down, I’ll be there for you.

The time has come, to spread your wings.
I’m by your side through thick and thin.
Sometimes you lose, just to learn how to win.
But the love you give will come back again.

When things speed up, then I will slow you down.
I’ll break your fall before you hit the ground.
If you stand up, then baby don’t look down,
And I’ll be here when you turn around.

Written by Singleton/Grimmett.

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