I just can’t sleep tonight,
Got a song running through my head.
Something about the words,
And all the things you said.
I’ve tried to let it go.
Thought about nothing else.
You put it all on me,
Instead of looking at yourself.

You’ve had it coming now,
For a long, long time.
You’d best keep running
‘cos I’m running out of time.

Now I’m moving, moving on.
I can only tell you in a song.
Like a letter on the mantelpiece,
Addressed to Dear John.
I’m moving on.

I’m moving on now honey.
I’m moving on yeah.
I’m moving on now honey.

I should have cut you out,
On the day this all began.
Now there’s just wasted time,
To show for giving you a chance.

Written by Singleton/Grimmett.

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