Feeling alone,
When you’re not on your own.
The light’s are all on,
But there’s nobody home.
From a frame on the side,
We watched it all die.
With smiles on our faces,
As the knot it was tied.

But you said, there was nothing else left,
Now it’s all what you get,
I just get the blame.

How can I be lonely,
when I’m lying next to you?
Our love grows cold, I try to hold,
What’s left of me and you.
Lonely, when you’re right here by my side.
And all the while, my wooden smile,
Ain’t good enough to hide.
How can I be lonely?

I still remember, a time before this.
The smell of your hair,
And the taste of your kiss.
Sat in my car, by the side of the road.
Where we used to meet,
By the house we would own.

I found a note, got a lump in my throat.
Tucked in a box,
With the words that you wrote.
Dead in my tracks,
Now there’s no going back.
We burnt all our bridges,
And we covered our tracks.

Written by Singleton/Grimmett.

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