Well you’ve come through stormy waters, with everything it’s taught ya,
And nothing’s ever gonna take you back again.
No love was ever deeper, no victory tasted sweeter, than all the things you make me feel every day.

Hold on, stay strong.

My Carolina-Jane, the only thing I’d change, is everything I’ve done, you can take ’em one by one.
My Carolina-Jane, I know this much is true, I’d change everything, everything but you.

Well, did all my roads lead to ya, as though I always knew ya, every step I took has put me here today.
Be careful what you wish for, all that I have fought for, I’d drop in a heartbeat so that I could stay.

Everything but you, my love, no doubt about it. I would give it all, my love, can’t live without it.

Carolina-Jane, Carolina-Jane, Carolina-Jane, I’d change everything, everything, everything,
Everything but you.

Written by Singleton/Grimmett.

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